Sunday, May 9, 2010

Canon T2i fun And a new hosting site

My wife got one to try out and it's been fun to play with. Not exactly a sound post but this is what a LOT of low (and not so low) budget films are going to get shot on. Probably more likely he 7D but it's basically the same camera functionally. Anyway there is a lot of debate about camera presets for film and being a bit OCD I found a bunch on line and have them sitting on the computer. I'll thin the herd a bit and put up a link to the ones I think are useful/interesting.
And the other big news is that we moved to Bluehost for the website. Netfirms was OK but you couldn't pay for anything more than a year out and the email would go down periodically. We were going to switch last year and I didn't do it soon enough so we had to renew. The last year has been pretty stable but then I got the renew notice and the email went out for a couple of hours. Talk about bad timing (for them) so I bit the bullet and moved the site and the email etc. I have to say it went pretty smooth. We only had email down for about two hours in the switch and the site was down for maybe 15 min. THe only catch so far is that I upgraded my reels site and had it all snazzy and that didn't survive the switch. There is a file that has to be in just the right place and I haven't found the place yet. But that's pretty small since I'm sure it will get working once I spend some time finding what I did wrong. And BH lets you have lot's O' domains. You could sort of cheat with Netfirms but it wasn't smooth and we are planning a big reorganization of the site so independent sites were starting to get important.
The next step after getting the reels site fixed is to upload the latest version of MY site (the sound one) to it's new happy home and then switch the main site to ASKinc Studios. That's what it says now but it's really my sound site and we are planning to diversify and so the sound site will link off the main site but there will also be other enterprises that link off the main site.