Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What's been happening

Waiting around for file transfers again, seems like it's happening a lot these days, so I though I would go over some recent projects that aren't in the resume yet.

Lots of Clean up and edit and just a touch of SFX (no time or $) to a short that is pretty good HABITUAL AGGRESSION. Worst production audio ever, only a deaf person could have been on headsets and thought it was acceptable. I don't think anyone was listening.

Quick cleanup and Mix for a nice feature FIONA'S SCRIPT. Low budget but used well. Good story good acting good editing. It was fast and low$ but it shows how good indi's can be when they are done smart.

A hand full of very short shorts for the African Development Bank, promos sort of. Mostly mixing. On going, we only have done the first one. This project has shown some poss problems with FCS3? or maybe not, further investigation will figure it out, I hope.

Seven short plays for UCB. This one is really just starting.

A horror feature on the most insane schedule ever. The jury's still out on how this turns out, hair pulling nightmare or "damn how did we pull that off, let's go get a drink".

Oh and there are these concerts coming up... but that's a different story.

Earlier in the year I had another film poached by this jerk (unnamed - maybe later) who because he doesn't need to make a living from it likes to poach shows from local post folks. He just finds out about a show and cold calls and bids ridiculously low. Really pisses off the sound post community. And from what I hear he's not very good (not sure if that makes it better or not?).

Well transfer done, back to the trenches.

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