Sunday, September 13, 2009

The demise of a sound dog

OK so what does the demise of my dog have to do with sound? Well other than his being the mascot for MANY small films that have come through here he has also "performed" in countless adds and films. He was the "lapping tung" of California Cheese cows, the toilet lapping dog (voice of) in a Dial soap commercial, he did vocals for dogs in a bunch T Mobile spots. He also has been monsters and all kinds of animals that made noises in many different projects. He also made me take breaks and kept me going. Ironically his "career" also spanned other media, he was in Art Week and once made the cover of the San Francisco Chronicle (back when it was still a newspaper).

What's the moral,? point? Well it's good to stay active and diversified. He lived to the equivalent (about) of 107 in human years and only really slowed down in the last seven (human years). If we could all be active and productive till 100... But also from a sound perspective, you don't need to record the REAL thing, you need to record what you want the FILM thing to sound like. A 60 lb Springer Spaniel CAN be the tung of a 1200 lb cow. AND a 20 lb terrier. Even a 10 ton dinosaur. So don't get locked by reality, take breaks, go chew a bone... it's good for you.

Bently, the sound dog 5/30/94 - 9/10/09

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