Monday, March 1, 2010

Sound Dogs - not the online site

Well I was looking at past entries and in mentioning the passing of my long time partner I failed to mention a new partner. He's just learning and he only had a year and a half apprenticing to the old master but he's coming along. He's kind of busy digging holes and looking for gofers at the moment...

But he does make some interesting sounds and he does have his quieter moments. He also makes one go out for walks and he wants REAL walks not the leisurely strolls that Bently could manage the last few years.

Anyway thought I would include him since I don't want him to feel neglected ;~) and he stepped up to the plate and took up residence under my desk. I think he felt he needed to "assume the duties". We'll see how much sound I get to squeeze out of him but for now he warms the feet. I guess the point is for the two people (counting me) that actually read this blog, having something that gets you out of the studio and into the open is a good thing. So go get something that does that. I like dogs and cats but a hobby might work?

Oh and his name is Monty.


Susan said...

Are these pictures of Monty or Bentley? It sure looks like Bentley. Great to hear the new hound has assumed the sound studio floor warming duties - tough job but someone has to do it.

Noiz Boy said...

these are all Monty, they do look a bit similar. Monty walks with a John Wayne swagger and Bently had more of a Marilyn Monroe swish.