Saturday, January 30, 2010

Inglorious Bastards - follow up

A lot of folks for some reason really love this film. I'm not sure why? I didn't hate it but I'm a bit disturbed about the reconstructed history. Narrative films are often a bit slack with historical accuracy but I think this goes a bit far. From an artistic point I started wondering if this was based on a "real" story (before it was obvious that it wasn't), there were a number of attempts on Hitler's life so that isn't totally out of left field. But it took me right out of the film. And then when it's obvious I was really out of the film. So as a technique it failed for me. I felt like I had had a prank played on me and it wasn't a fun prank. A fair amount of gratuitous violence but it is Tarantino after all so one has to expect that. Christoph Waltz was great and will probably get an Oscar, but I didn't "get" the film.

AND the sound was a frame or two out of sync for the first reel? I have to assume it was intentional since the print would have to have been made that way. The screening was at Dolby so it's not likely that the sound system was out of whack so ????? It could have been a bad print but with the other shenanigans in the film it seems like it might have been a choice. But a quick Google search shows nothing so maybe it was a bad print.?.


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